13 May, 2016

Not to be a whiner ......

But we have a heck of a weekend ahead of us and it's the first weekend after our trip!  I really really wanted to get my garden going.  I need to plant the tomatoes and get the color bowls done.  It's just not going to happen though.  We have our Christmas in May lunch with Ben's niece and her family.  We have been trying to get this set since Christmas but weekends are so difficult, especially since her husband travels for business.  So that's Saturday.  And then Sunday we've got the day at the racetrack, which is going to be awesome but again, I have other things I'd like to be doing.  It will all get pushed to next weekend and that's going to have to be okay.

I took off from work yesterday for an appointment downtown and because of buses and connections and the bridge being open, I just headed home when I was done.  It was a bust.  This guy is much more than I need for my paltry  "wealth".  I just need some advice.  He made a referral for a guy in Kirkland.  I'll look into it.

Well, meeting time.

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