26 May, 2016

The early birthday present

I left the office intending to get to the U Bookstore at 9 am yesterday, but I was a little late and got there at 9:15 instead.  And good thing I did!  The Tech Center, where you buy computers, did not open until 9:30 and they had a sign "The line starts here".  There were two people in line and that made me third.  By 9:30, when they officially began the tax free sale, there were nearly 20 people behind me.  I asked for my rose gold MacBook and when the salesperson brought out the box he said, "I wondered who was going to buy these.  We had three of them".  So it was a good thing I got there early!  I was going to spend the afternoon at work futzing with it, but instead I took it home and did it there with a celebratory martini.  I need to change the password to something simpler, because now it uses my iCloud password, which is rather complicated.  And then I need to start migrating files from my work computer.

So that was my evening.  I didn't feel like cooking so Ben did some burgers on the smoker and that was easy.  It was difficult to get up this morning  I kept thinking yesterday was Friday and woke up thinking today was Friday.  It is not Friday.  *sigh*  It's going to be a long 14 weeks.

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