23 May, 2016

Such a boring weekend!

Oh my goodness!  What a boring boring weekend it was!  The weather was super crappy and there wasn't much going on at all.  Saturday we grocery shopped and watched the Mariners -  good news on that front I guess you could say.  As we wait for football season, it is always nice to have the Mariners be relevant.  Typically they are not.  This year?  They are doing very very well.  I really wanted to get the tomatoes in this weekend and also get the color pots planted and the herbs.  We went off to Fred Meyer and nobody else was there!  We had the entire garden section to ourselves - of course it was raining so it was messy and muddy but I got it done.  So a nice doggie walk in the park between rain storms and knitting and baseball and movies for Saturday.  I have switched back to the Lace Front Cardigan in hopes of getting that off my needles sooner rather than later.  And Saturday night we watched "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" which I quite liked.

Sunday we had some sun and so I took advantage and planted everything around the loads of laundry.  I was very happy to find some tarragon in the herbs section this year.  And the staples, of course.  I got three tomato plants, as usual, and this year I'll use some Miracle Grow.  I'd much rather have too many tomatoes than none at all, like last year.  Tinkie got another walk in the park in the afternoon and that was it for Sunday.  As I said - boring.  Next weekend is a long one and we've got a few things in line for then.  Hopefully it won't be quite as deadly.

Ooooo I am very excited for this week.  I am getting my new MacBook on Wednesday at the U Book Store's no tax day.  A rose gold one!  Finally I'll be able to plug my iPhone and iPad into iTunes.  It's been quite a while.  Otherwise the same old stuff this week.  Fifteen weeks.

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