27 May, 2016

Friday at last!!

Holy cow!  I kept thinking each day was Friday.  Finally it is here and it is pouring rain.  Pouring!  I sure hope it doesn't end up pouring all weekend.  I want to test drive cars tomorrow and it's not too much fun in the rain.

I am hoping to get out of here early today.  Holiday weekend and all.  I got good news yesterday -- we have someone to take over HFF for me and she's sitting in to the meeting now.  I should be able to hand that over in a couple of weeks.  They are hiring someone downstairs (SOM) and that person will take over MBB for me. Hopefully that will happen in early July. 

Oooooo sun! 

I had a lazy evening again.  I wanted to knit but I was tired.  Tonight though I'm going to pick it up.  I want to start something new and I've GOT to finish a project first.  Oh but wait -- I think we're going to Triplehorn tonight.  I definitely won't want to knit when I get home.  Here's the deal -- I don't have any TV knitting projects!  Either it's the Venomous Tentacula, which has beads and is very delicate yarn, or the Lace Front Cardigan, which is ... uh ... lace. There are purl back rows but still you have to keep track.  And the Dune, which is also lace, and has moving markers.  I use that for noon knitting.  So yeah I need a TV knitting project.  But again, I don't want to start another project.  I'll figure it out.

Happy long weekend!!

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