18 May, 2016

The vacation hangover

That must be what's up with me.  Oh, besides wanting to be out of here, that is.  But yes, a vacation hangover.  I do have a trip to Paris planned for December for Kelli's birthday but I was thinking it might be nice to go to Mexico in November and get some beach and sun and fun.  Maybe an all inclusive in Puerto Vallarta?  I'll look into it.

Yesterday was short day with a 5 o'clock meeting, so I did my morning and headed home around 1:30.  I wasn't very motivated.  I walked Tink and I could have gotten the kitchen cleaned up and did my food for today, but I didn't feel like doing anything but sitting on the front porch in the sun, so that's what I did.  The meeting was fine but somebody got a little pissed off (no, not me) and it ended badly.  Oh my I am SO SO SO done with all this crap.  Unfortunately it's not quite done with me.

I made a nice dinner last night -- a sort of chicken Florentine but in a skillet.  Easy and quite tasty if you like garlic-y creamed spinach, which I do. 

No meetings today but it's noon knitting, which I quite like.  I remembered to bring more yarn.  I'm still plugging away on my Dune.  It's a good noon knitting project and it'll be a nice warm scarf for next winter.

I am getting excited about my new MacBook and I'm looking for a nice clear cover for it so that the rose gold can shine through.  But I want to make sure it doesn't add much weight.  I shall keep looking.

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