12 May, 2016

Pretty much normal

Well I think today I am finally over the jet lag which, by the way, lasted much longer than usual.  I have no idea why, but I am thankful it's done with.  I had a super terrific night's sleep and am refreshed and ready to go.  The weather, by the way, is just gorgeous again.  This weekend it's going to be cloudy unfortunately.  We have plans to visit Ben's niece and her family on Saturday and Sunday we're going to Emerald Downs, for a day of racing with a group from his work.  It would be nice if the weather cooperated for that, don't you think?

Yesterday was noon knitting and a rather boring day.  Today I've got a meeting at 9 am and then at 1:30 a meeting with a financial advisor who I have been trying to get time with since March.  I have some very basic questions about what to do with my finances when I retire (77 days, 7 hours).  I also signed up with the SSA yesterday.  The wheels are rolling!

No knitting last night.  I had chores and cooking and just didn't feel like it.  I need to decide what to do with the lace front cardigan.  Do I keep going even though the dye lots are off?  I really should pick that up again since the lace is easy and TV knitting and not so fussy as the lace weight mohair I'm working with.

After two trips to Europe with the soft sided bags that turn into back packs I believe I've decided to forget that.  No matter how I try to pack light, they end up being way too heavy to carry on my back for very long.  I think I'm better off with a wheeled bag.  Plus I will be checking my bag when I go to Paris in December.  Neither Kelli nor I like to "schlep" our bags onto the plane.  Ben, however, insists. 

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