31 May, 2016


Oh man ... what a night.  I  fell asleep just like normal and woke up at 2:30am and could not get back to sleep.  Not for a second.  I got up and had some water and walked around and tried everything and nothing worked.  Thank goodness it's my late meeting day so I will be leaving early.  If I can get home by 3 or 3:30 maybe I can catch a quick nap before my 5 o'clock meeting.

We had a pretty good long weekend.  It did rain Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday was really nice.  On Saturday I picked out my new car - haven't bought it yet but I drove it and decided.  Now we have to get the garage fixed up so that it can hold both cars.  To that end we worked on Monday rearranging things in the shed and moving things in the garage.  We also rearranged the back office/game room and made it more of an office/guest room.  We reclaimed the closet.  It still needs the guts and the doors, but the space is there and we'll be able to store a few things from the garage in there, like Ben's golf clubs. 

Saturday night we had steaks and I made creamed spinach for the first time - it was delicious!  And we played cards and this time I didn't lose.  I won a bit for a nice change. 

The baseball was okay - they lost quite a bit but finally won last night.  I knit and knit on the lace front cardigan.  I so want to be done with that but I've got a ways yet to go.  Maybe I should start bringing it in for noon knitting.

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