16 May, 2016

Where did the weekend go?

It was our first full weekend after the trip and it went by in a flash!  I knew it would.  We had a full day planned on Saturday with a long drive at either end.  We went up to Bellingham to have Christmas in May with Ben's niece and family.  The children were well behaved, the lunch was good and the shopping trip fun.  Not a bad day.  Then we came home and watched a movie.

Sunday was also booked, far in advance, for a trip to Emerald Downs with Ben's work group.  We didn't have to be there until 1:30 so the morning was taken up with chores and laundry and knitting!  Woohoo!  We didn't plan to stay long at the track and in fact made it through five races.  I had a ball - I guess because I won.  Not a lot because I placed only inexpensive bets.  But it was fun all the same and we were out of there around four.  That was grand and we were home in time to watch another movie. 

Therefore, the weekend coming up is full of things I wanted to get to this weekend and wasn't able to.  For example, buying my tomato, herb and flowering plants and getting them planted.  Going to the dump.  Making measurements for re-doing the back office to make it more of a guest room/office/closet. 

The clouds moved in this weekend and it looks as if they are going to stick around for at least this week and beyond.  Well, we always always ALWAYS have a crappy Memorial Day Weekend and since that's coming up in two weeks..... draw your own conclusions.

Work?  Oh it is such a chore to get here.  Today I'm going to get back on the running horse so that's another hour or so out of my day.  Otherwise it's just bleak and icky and meetings.  I am trying mightily to put a good face on it.  I don't like to hurry time but that being said ..... whew.

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