31 August, 2016

My last drive to the Transit Center

I have to come to work Thursday and Friday, but I'm going to be driving in both of those days so I can bring things home.  Today then is my very last commute by bus and my last drive to and from the Redmond Transit Center.  This morning, as is my wont, I was driving the speed limit down Avondale.  Maybe a mile or two over the speed limit, but basically 40 mph.  Then an ass in a big SUV sped around me, flipping me off and then proceeded to weave his/her way down the road, switching lanes as they passed cars.  Good lord, it's a busy street full of cars!  How far did that ass think he was going to get?  All he did was piss more people off as he gained maybe 6 car lengths.  Idiots.  Well I've got to drive down Lake City Way on Thursday and Friday but I'll be the traffic will be light because of the upcoming three day weekend.

Yesterday I thought I'd better verify that my new health insurance is going to cover the free gym membership.  I am very glad I checked because no, it does not.  I called Gold's Gym where Susan had just gotten a great deal and I'm going in on Saturday to sign up.  I know me.  I need to get a new routing in place ASAP and the gym has got to feature in it.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings start at the gym.  Tuesday and Thursday I can play golf or ride or whatever. 

I spent an hour or so on the phone with my sister yesterday, then watched a movie and cooked up an AWESOME dinner for myself using tomatoes from my garden.  It was delicious.  Really good.  I need to get a new knitting project going though, especially now that it is cooling down.  It's going to rain today.

My last Noon Knitting day and Monika will not be here.  Her cat had an operation and she's staying home to take care of the cat.  That is a shame.  Noon Knitting going out with a whimper.

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