14 October, 2005

Could the lighting have been any worse??

Sorry about that horrible picture -- I got a NEW camera phone but I think I need to fiddle a bit with the controls when I'm going to take a picture in the house. Obviously it could have been a bit lighter. Next time I get a camera phone I'm going to get one with a flash.

Anyway, I got home from the dentist yesterday afternoon (yes, crown all done and looking great and feeling fantastical) and there was a package in my mailbox. Yay! Goodies from my Secret Pal. Just in time to brighten my week. It's hard to see in the picture, but she sent me a skein of Noro Kureyon in a gorgeous purple/green colorway. I can't decide what to do with it - I am leaning toward a little felted, drawstring pouch, but I may do another pair of armwarmers or even a little scarf. Don't know. I may just swatch it and see how it speaks to me. She also sent me some individual Belgian chocolates and my very favorite Altoids Sours - raspberry! A cute pair of flower earrings - very 60's and too hip! And some pillow mist in my favorite scent and yummy massage oil. I'll just tuck that away for a special occasion, shall I? A handwritten note is the only clue to her identity. She has the most beautiful handwriting!! So okay, we know for certain she's NOT a doctor. The only other person I know who had handwriting even approaching this was a lawyer. Hmmmmmmmmm ...... Oh dang! Silly me, I didn't check the postmark on the package. What a doofus! Next time for sure.

So tell me - am I alone in this weirdness? Every time I come home from the dentist and I'm numb, I worry and fret until I start getting feeling back in my face. I worry .... I worry that it's going to stay that way!! I know that's crazy but honestly ... every single time I am just not able to relax until the feeling starts come back. I guess it's a harmless enough quirk.

Knitting news -- I got that jacket put together and the band for the right side done! Oh my, it truly does look nice. As much as I hate picking up stitches, the result is always so beautiful. Tonight hopefully I can finish - or at least get the left band done and then all I'll have to do is the collar and sew buttons. Hooo-freakin'-ray is all I have to say about that!!

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