13 October, 2005

Somebody needs a spanking

And that would be me. It could be because of the clouds and lack of sunshine (inside and out), but I just simply turned my clock O-F-F this morning. And pulled the covers over my head. Unfortunately I woke up anyway. Is that a sign of age or maturity? I couldn't sleep past 7:30!! Oh well. So I made the most of it - put on my sexy black stretchy boots, and headed out into the day. Got about a block and a half and turned around to get what I had left behind, completely confusing Tink, and ... and headed out AGAIN into the day. The good news is that I get my final crown fitted this afternoon. That'll be a huge relief. And more good news - if I am diligent I can get that sweater jacket monkey off my back this weekend as well. AND ... there's a football game Sunday night - the ESPN game and the Seahawks are playing one of the worst teams in the league, Houston. They haven't won one yet. Oh heavens - I hope I didn't just jinx it!! No, we need Sports Illustrated for that.

Gee ... I only need one thing to make my life perfect.

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