20 October, 2005

One picture of the monster

I'm trying to post a picture of the finished cardigan but for some reason this isn't cooperating this morning. I'm posting from home. I'm not feeling 100%. I just need some down time I guess. But it won't let me put a picture in!! Well poo! Let's try this. Nope won't work. Oh well, I'll try later.

I am going to start my lacy purple sweater this morning. I swatched it last night. Not perfect but close enough. It's not crucial, I don't think, with this type of garment, to be spot on. I'll do some measuring when I get some of the body done. I have to do a provisional cast on to start.

Well I think I'll take some aspirin and a shower. My head is aching again. I do think I've got some little virus or other. It couldn't just be emotional.

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