04 October, 2005

Kind of a boring day

Not much to talk about today .... I'm exhausted from getting up extra early to get Dad to the doctor by 8 am. I did have a pretty good run today though. It turned out super nice - blue skies, not too cold. Such a great change from just a few weeks ago. I didn't end up working on anything last night. I watched the football and it was kind of cold downstairs and I didn't want to turn the heat on yet and I was too lazy to build a fire, so I just cuddled under the blankie and vegged out. I'd like to knit tonight but first I have to download some more CDs onto my computer because my iPod comes tomorrow. Maybe I can get a little more done on the jacket tonight. I really really want to get it done and I am that close to being finished with the sleeves. I probably have about 8 hours left on it. Seems like a lot, doesn't it? I was going to keep track of the time I spent on this project but I forgot. Next one.

Only a few more days until my mini-vaca. wooooooooohooooo!!!

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