12 October, 2005

I'm trying ....

trying VERY hard not to be such a cynic, but it is oh so difficult at this particular time of year. The first week or two of the new quarter and new academic year is such a trial. All of the freshmen still all very eager and naive, hustling to get to their 8:30 class on time. It won't be long, I know, before they start foregoing that early class for some more sleep. But for now, they just get in my way as I'm trying to cross campus on my bike. It's a little game - weaving in and out of their bodies. Not a very nice game because I am sure I startle a few now and again but we take our sport where we can get it, right? And then of course the gym, full of these kids all earnestly working out on their breaks, when I can say with certainty that in another month or so most of them won't have even had their second latte by noon. So I try not to get too exercised about it -- deep breaths and all that.

I actually did some knitting last night! I finished up the sleeve for that sweater jacket and sewed up one sleeve and armpit. Tonight I hope to finish sewing it up and start picking up the stitches for the bands. I oh so sincerely want and need to get this finished for a number of reasons. And I have so many projects I am just itching to start. I am nothing if not disciplined though [oh! who is that laughing out there!!??!]

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