07 October, 2005

What did you say????

Okay ... this makes me absolutely NUTS! People mispronouncing "coupon". If it's someone I am speaking with, then I'll tell them (nicely), but it's when it's on the radio or TV that it really grates. Because it's not just the talent that is an idiot, but one must then assume that the director and the sound engineer at the very least are also so stupid that they don't know it's not pronounced "kewpon". Good lord! It's almost as bad as those other idiots out there who can't negotiate a 4-way stop.

Nevermind. Deep breaths. I am going away in just a few hours. Ahhhhhhh Relaxing weekend. I didn't even bring knitting. No knitting. Reading. Relaxing. Sleeping. Eating. Drinking. Lather, rinse, repeat. Shelley is a very happy girl.

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