11 October, 2005

It feels like Monday

Ah but the good news is that it's Tuesday. Why does it feel like Monday, I wonder? Maybe because I was still in such a fog yesterday. The fog is lifting and I'm sad I'm not still on vacation. What a HUGE big baby I am. I think I'm going to telephone my friend, Emma (who is now living in Luxembourg) and maybe she can cheer me up a bit. Anyway, just hearing her voice is always good.

While I was gone I had an eBay bid out for some kettle-dyed recycled cashmere yarn. As fate would have it, the color of that particular yarn is somewhat like the color of Lake Louise. Coincidence? You decide. [Cue spooky music. It is getting on for Halloween.] Anyway -- I was bidding on it for my Secret Pal. She likes to knit lace scarves - living in California I guess that's makes sense. And she seems to favor these types of colors so I thought I'd try to get it for her. I may keep half and send her half. It looks to be quite a large amount of yarn. I could make another of those little ruffled scarves.

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Your SP said...

I know exactly how you feel- I am a chronic sufferer of the post-vacation blues myself. But, you're going away again in a little while, right? Just think- you have something else to look forward to! Glad you had such a great mini-vaca!