19 October, 2005

Finally finally finally!!

I finished the Basketcase Cardigan! Woohoo! I worked yesterday evening for a couple hours and got everything done save sewing on the buttons. I have them pinned on but I was so tired and it was getting late, so I left it for tonight. It took a bit longer than I expected because I had to reinforce the buttonholes. I don't know how I could have done them any differently - I had to cast off two stitches in the purl part of a k2p2 rib, then next row cast ON two stitches. But instead of a nice neat bound button hole there was a loose stitch, kind of. I think maybe when I was binding off I should have left the yarn in the back, or when I cast on I should have used a different method. I really don't know - so I just stitched around them and they look fine. I will be able to sew those buttons on in a few minutes and then ...... I think I'll swatch for the Alpaca sweater from Vogue Knits -- The yarn I have for it is the Alpaca but it's a bit darker than this purple. It's going to be a beautiful sweater. And I also ordered yarn for a little cardigan for my friend Ruth, and my friend Pat has asked me to make a tea cozy for her coffee pot (she's an ex-pat living in England). AND I got the latest Vogue Knits yesterday and there is a cardigan in there that I am absolutely dying to make! I'll scan a picture. My only reluctance stems from the fact that it uses size 19(!) needles! The 15s that I used for this latest project just killed my hands. So it is a trade off - size 19s make the project go quickly but the pain .... hmmmm. Well, don't we all know that one must suffer for beauty? Rhetorical ...

Here we are midway through a positively BRUTAL week. I am just exhausted ..... Tink woke me up around 4:30am. She had to be sick. She threw up a piece of string! I don't know how she got it, but I had made lamb last night and the surloins were tied with string. I am pretty sure I wrapped mine in a paper towel and threw it away but I'm not so sure what happened to the other one, other than it ended up in my baby doggie's stomach. Thank goodness she threw it up, but I didn't sleep much after that - fitfully for another hour or so. Then the dentist first thing. Yeah. Look Ma, no cavities. Friday is another big day - the 2nd half of my annual physical at 8:15 in the morning. Then I'm done for a while.

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