24 October, 2005

What a game!!

Oh my goodness .... the football game on Sunday was THE most exciting game I've been to in a long time. The Seahawks pulled out a win on the last play! Beating the Cowboys. It was incredible! And raining the whole time, as well. Thankfully we were under cover although I think we would have stayed regardless. Not too many people left. It was totally sold out. Wow.

And knitting-wise I got the whole back of the lace sweater finished. Luckly it's the back too, because I made a little mistake on the peplum and it's not perfect. I don't know -- I might have to rip it out if it really bothers me. It is just so hard to fix mistakes when you're doing a lace pattern, even one as simple as this, which is basically eyelets. I thought I had fixed it correctly but when I got all finished I noticed that one of the eyelets is much larger than the rest. So we'll see. Here's a picture when I picked up the stitches to start on the bottom. I was so proud of myself to have gotten them all right on the first go - got all the stitches and they were all going in the right direction. Except -- my needle is pointing the the wrong way. No big deal though - it's easy enough to change directions. At least I didn't have to manufacture any stitches. The provisional cast on really worked.


Your SP said...

Congrats to the Seahawks! There isn't much I like more than seeing the Cowboys get beat! Also, thanks for the pot roast pointers- I cooked one on Saturday and it was delish! :)

sylv said...

good job, ..and maybe you can fix your "bigger eyelet" at the end by - I don't know how to say it - by sewing/separating it into 2 eyelets ..?

Shelley said...

Sylv -- I don't know if it can be fixed. I should have just ripped it out right away but I was THAT CLOSE to finishing!! I figured maybe it wouldn't look so bad. Once both pieces are done and I see how it lays I will know how obvious it is. Since it's rather ruffled it might not be obvious. Fingers crossed. How's school going?