21 October, 2005

It's a gorgeous day!

Wow! One of those beautiful, warm autumn days today. And I feel pretty good. I stayed home yesterday and basically just vegged out, napped and knit all day. I had such a nasty headache. But today, not so bad. It was also the annual (in Kate's words) boob squishing day today. So I had to get up early and go pick Kate up and we did the thing, and then had a lovely decadent breakfast. I got lots done on the back of the purple lace sweater. It is worked from the midriff up, and then when I'm done with the armhole shaping I bind off and then pick up stitches from the bottom (you can see the provisional cast on) and do a lace peplum. I only have a couple more inches to go on the top. I can easily get this finished this weekend if I don't do too much work around the house tomorrow. Sunday I'm going to the Seahawks game - it's going to be a good one - Dallas. It's going to be tough. AAAAAnyway - here's a picture of the sweater so far. The color is pretty true. I took it with my camera phone and then fiddled with the picture in Photoshop. The alpaca I am knitting it with is so soft. It's going to be a great sweater. Oh ... and here's a picture of the huge Basketcase Cardigan. For some reason I was unable to get the picture to load on the blog from my computer at home. Well now, back to work.


sylv said...

Hehe, your purple lace pullover looks great so far... plus alpaca, Yumm !!! I received that VK isue not long ago, so I may be tempted some day too.. ;-)
And cxongrats on your basketweave huge cardi, I guess that would have been hard work !!!

sylv said...
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sylv said...

arghh !sometimes blogger sucks !! now it just didn't seem to accept my "word verification", and then when I tried again, the comment appareared twice !!