08 January, 2008

Cliche -- It never rains but it pours

I swear ..... continuing with the bike saga ... I got my bike out of my car at lunchtime yesterday and walked it down to the bike shop in the freezing cold. Oddly enough I saw a man pushing a bike towards me as I got nearer to the shop. He crossed the street rather than try to maneuver his bike around mine on the sidewalk and I just figured he didn't want to ride in his work clothes. But as I got closer to the store I realized that they didn't have any stock outside, which was unusual and sure enough as I got to the doors I realized no one was inside and signs on the door said they were closed for inventory. arghghg Then my luck changed, happily. A man came out from behind the shop and introduced himself as one of the owners and he kindly took my bike for me. So at least I didn't have to push it back and try to load it into my car on my own. Now maybe I can have it back tomorrow. I was going to walk in today but ended up with a very late start due to a house guest who decided to get up at 5:15 and make business calls in the living room rather than downstairs in the guest room. I tried to get a little more sleep when he finally shut up but I couldn't get back to sleep .... and it was pouring rain and cold. So I drove again. Winter in Seattle is just the worst.

Because of company I didn't knit last night although I did bring it with me today so maybe I can get a few minutes in this afternoon for a break. My right hand is still a bit sore from not one but two separate cheese grating incidents during my little holiday. One on my thumb and one on my middle finger. I feel like the klutziest person alive.

I've been spending more and more time on Ravelry. Yesterday I signed up for a Mystery Jacket KAL which sounds like lots of fun. You can get lost in those forums for sure!

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