15 January, 2008

Snow and ice

I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home yesterday. I slept and later I knit on the endless ribbing. Good news -- only about 4 or 5 more inches to go! I wanted to make a baby hat for my cousin's new baby boy but oddly enough I don't have a 16 inch size 7 circular needle. I couldn't use my Denise 9 inch cords because they are holding the sleeves for the sweater I'm working on. I guess I'll just have to get one. I just made a fire and watched a movie and knit and knit. This is one of those instances when you knit on something for what seems like an hour and then measure and it doesn't seem like you've made any progress at all! But I kept at it. Sooner or later it will be long enough. And even though I slept most of the day I still turned in early, read for about a minute and fell asleep.

It started snowing around 5:30 or six last night up north, but where I was it was mixed until around 7:30 when it definitely started to turn white and stick. When I let Tink out before we went to bed it was starting to clear up and there was about an inch or so on the ground. I was hoping it would melt during the night but it didn't. The streets and sidewalks are just sheets of ice so I walked in this morning rather than risk my neck on my bike. If I rode on well traveled roads it would be different, but the street I take in doesn't have much traffic and therefore stays icy and treacherous. I rather like walking in although when it's slippery it takes about 10 minutes longer than when it's not. There were plenty of vehicles slipping and sliding up the hills and I only passed a few bicyclists too crazy or stupid to find alternate means of transportation.

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Anonymous said...

Hey- hope you're feeling better!

Back to Jersey Boys- I've heard nothing but good things. I'll have to check it out sometime.