13 October, 2011

Drama drama drama

It has been a little over a week since that terrible afternoon but is beginning to calm down, thankfully.  I think the worst is over and I have a good understanding with the course chair who agrees that her husband tends to get "a little hysterical".  Ya think?  I hope we've heard the last of it, truly I do.  I noticed yesterday when I got home that the flowers I had bought - beautiful Stargazer lilies - had finally all opened and the scent greeted me when I came through the door.

I am looking forward to my run this afternoon.  It was clear this morning and quite chilly.  I could see my breath.  But that means that it should be perfect for a noon time run - sunny and not too warm.  I should sign up for the Dawg Dash this afternoon or tomorrow.

I was all excited yesterday to get my software updates downloaded for my iPad and iPhone and that's what I started as soon as I got back from walking Tink.  What I forgot is that my connection in my office is wireless.  It is so fast that I forget I'm not hooked into the internet.  So I started this huge download but it timed out after an hour so(!).  I will have to try again but next time link into the wired connection.  Unfortunately that's not the easiest thing to do and requires me crawling on my belly and getting behind the TV to the Wii console.  It's doable but not comfortably.  Maybe I can update from my laptop here today.  I'll give that a try.

Tick tock 

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