12 October, 2011

Official count down starts today

.... and oh, I am SO ready to have a vacation!  These next few weeks are going to crawl but I don't mind.  Anticipation is not a bad thing, is it?  Some days I am thinking about the wonderful meals I'm going to have and all of the smells and tastes I've missed so much.  The voices I've missed hearing and the streets I've missed walking along.  I don't want to sleep a second while I'm there, although we all know that's not realistic, but you  know what I mean.  But I don't have time to daydream this morning.  I'm busy busy busy again. 

I had a pretty good run yesterday and I was very lucky because I managed to get it done right before the skies opened up and we had another HUGE storm.  It was definitely chillier than it has been last night.  I had to close my bedroom window a bit because it was just too cold for me to sleep comfortably. 

Wednesday is noon knitting and I've brought my cardigan in since I don't think I've done a single row on it since last Wednesday.  I did knit on the little cowl last night while catching up on "Terra Nova" - my new guilty pleasure.  Half  "Lost" and half  ... well, I don't know but there are dinosaurs.  It's pretty silly but so far it has kept my interest and it's good knitting TV.

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