07 October, 2011

Hah! Don't mess with me.

After sharing experiences with several other people yesterday, I came to understand that the person who was so rude and abusive to me makes a habit of this type of behavior.  It was no surprise to anyone that he acted like that!  When I went to the IT guy immediately after the event to head off an end around move I was sure the jerk was going to make, I got full cooperation.  He's made an enemy of everyone in the department.  He is, in fact, a bully.  I would be willing to bet that he treats the people under him even worse that he treated me and I doubt any of them would make a complaint.  So I wrote to the administrator (even though I had been in her office and told her the whole story) a short statement about what happened and I ended by saying if he ever treated me in such a disrespectful way again I would make a formal complaint against him.  She is going to bring him in for a "little talk" and involve the chairman of the department.  That should slow him down for a while.  Creep.

My evening was nothing special and no knitting was done.  I am hoping I can spend a good bit of time on Sunday and maybe even finish that Cloche Divine.  I have appointments on Saturday and then dinner with my old high school teacher so that pretty much wipes out that day.  Gosh, I have been so busy this week I don't even know who the Huskies are playing tomorrow!  Well, things will slow down next week, thank goodness!

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