18 October, 2011

Fantasy WIN!

This morning was another one of those when the alarm goes off and I am wondering -- why is the radio playing in the middle of the night?  I stayed up too late last night.  After dinner I was going to watch the second half of the football game since I had one more player on my fantasy team to get points.  However, I was SO far ahead that I didn't even bother.  Yes, yes I won my matchup this week!!!  Oh, I'm still last to be sure, but at least I don't have a perfect record any more.  Next week I play the leader -- it's going to be ugly, especially since Tom Brady has a bye and he's my guy. 

After I finished that cute cloche this weekend I cast on for a beret using some gorgeous green mohair I bought a summer ago.  I've never been able to decide what to do with it but I figured a cute beret would be just the thing.  And then I can make some convertible mittens with the left over yarn from both those projects since the yarn colors harmonize.  So anyway, it's good TV knitting at this point - around and around.  I settled in to watch Terra Nova, took Tink for one last potty run, fooled around with my iPad and before I knew it, it was WAY past bedtime.  I'll be checking out early tonight for sure.

November is shaping up to be a stellar month!  My nephew is coming to visit for a week before I leave for Europe and he's always a joy to have around.  I don't know what we'll do exactly, but he has a friends and relations besides me and he always keeps busy with them when he visits.  I feel bad that I will have to work most of that week, but he sleeps late anyway so it shouldn't be a problem for him.  It'll be a problem for ME getting up in the morning, I'll bet.

It's shaping up to be another gorgeous day for running.  I was thinking yesterday about which is better -- the spring runs or the autumn runs.  At this point I would choose the latter.  After running in the heat for weeks and weeks it is such a relief to be in the cooler air.  When spring comes around it is delightful to run in warmer sun but winter running isn't as bad as summer running if you discount the rain.  And I don't go out when it's slippery and icy anyway.

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