04 October, 2011

Just because it's October ....

is it mandatory that the buses have their heat cranked up to one hundred degrees??  Good heavens ... I got on the bus this morning and almost expired from the heat.  Thankfully it was my short bus ride or I would have had to take off my coat - it was that hot.

Despite my debauched weekend, I had an awesome run yesterday.  I was surprised considering all the ridiculous food I ate -- bacon and cheese and butter ... tequila and beer and wine ... ergh -- but it didn't seem to affect me, thank goodness.  I was almost at the end of my 30 minutes when my phone rang, so I listened to my sister as I cooled down.  She usually knows better than to call me during lunchtime but it was special circumstances.  I also got another earful on the way to work today - my rule of no talking on the phone while on the bus just slightly compromised.  I have my earbuds in and they have a microphone.  I listen and don't say anything except every once in a while I bring the microphone up to my mouth and say "uh huh" as quietly as I can.  And still I feel awkward.  I only did it on the first, short, bus ride.  After that I had to cut her off.  She's fine.  Just a little disturbance in the relationship force.

Last week I ordered a pair of boots that I thought would be absolutely perfect for my trip and they were in the office yesterday when I went down to talk about the ridiculous suggestion that Tink was urinating in the apartment.  [Definitely got that straightened out.  Idiots!]  Anyway, the boots are just perfect!  The heel is just right - not too high that I can't tromp around in them all day, but high enough to look good and not let my jeans drag.  They can be cuffed and worn with leggings or skinny jeans, or straightened to wear under flared jeans.  And best of all, they're booties rather than full length boots so they will save lots of space in the suitcase.  The bad thing about packing light is that everything  must coordinate so generally you are stuck with black and white and a couple of accent pieces.  This far outweighs the plus side, which is being able to get from one place to another without exhausting yourself.   I am very happy with this purchase.

I slept very lightly last night and kept waking  up.  I don't know why because I was very tired when I finally turned out the light, but it seemed like every little noise brought me up from the depths.  I must have gotten enough sleep because I feel fine.  And good thing too, because I have tons of work to do.

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