17 October, 2011

The inadvertent long weekend

Thursday evening I went home, all excited about upgrading my iPad and iPhone software to the new iOS5.  And guess what?  So were about a million and one other people!  What an exercise in futility and frustration that was!  I hadn't even thought about all the other people doing it and by the end of four hours I had an iPad that was only half way updated and had 35 gig of "other" on it that I couldn't figure out how to delete.  I slept okay but when I woke up Friday I felt terrible.   I assume it was my body's way of telling me that it had had enough stress and drama and needed a break, so I called in sick and got to relaxing.  I slept in a bit and basically just vegged.  I finally got the iPad and iPhone updated, got some laundry done, did a little knitting and that did the trick.  I woke up Saturday feeling tip top!

My goal this weekend was to finish the Cloche Divine and I did finish it yesterday.  It is the cutest hat ever!  I wish I had a proper hat form to take a photograph but the only one I have is flat topped and it doesn't suit this hat.  I wore it today.  Besides being just a little bit itchy at the forehead, it looks perfect.  I was working on the short rows and picking up stitches for the bow on Saturday while I watching the Huskies demolish the Colorado Bufs.  What a great game!  But oh my hands hurt! It was not an easy knit but truly worth it. 

Saturday was my fun day -- I walked Tink in the sunshine, got a couple of errands out of the way and then just spent the entire afternoon knitting, watching football, napping and ended the day with two movies.  I downloaded "The Bridesmaids" to watch on my iPad in bed and it was hilarious!  I'm glad I didn't wait for it to arrive in my Netflix queue. 

Of course, all that lazy time on Saturday meant that Sunday was a big work day but I managed to knock it all out by 2 pm and had the entire rest of the afternoon to continue where I had left off on Saturday.  And wow -- guess who won her  Fantasy matchup?  Yay me!  Actually, I have even more points to come because I've got a guy in the game tonight as well.  Whew!  I thought I was going to end up with a perfect record.

I think I've decided to forgo the Dawg Dash this year.  While I walking Tink Saturday night I was thinking about the upcoming race and realized that instead of looking forward to it I was dreading it!  Not the actually race itself - I love to race.  But the mob scene it is going to be is a real turn off.  There are going to be thousands and thousands of people there.  Parking will be a nightmare, even though there is a lot assigned.  I'd have to get there way early and stand around for an hour before the race ... it's just not fun for me.  And running is all about fun.  Therefore I will enjoy my afternoon runs and look forward to the next one around Greenlake, which will be in February.  Oh, I know there are probably a few other smaller ones I can do as well.  I think I'll end up missing all of the traditional November ones because of my trip schedule, but that is a small price to pay.  Maybe I can do the Jungle Bell run this year!

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