10 October, 2011

Where did the weekend go?

Last Friday was super hectic and I couldn't wait to get home and relax.  And that's what I did.  I was exhausted.  I wasn't even able to carve out any time to run Friday.  All I wanted to do was sleep and after Tink's 9:30 walk I went to bed and played with my iPad for about 5 minutes before I conked out. 

I woke up nice and early on Saturday, which was good because I had a million things to do.  The weather was pretty nice and I headed off to Starbuck's for my coffee and then we took a nice long walk.  It was a day of grooming - first manicure and pedicure and then off to the hair salon for the works.  I asked my stylist to take off some of the length and she did.  It feels like more than the two inches I asked for, but actually I think it looks pretty good and even those two or so inches make it easier to blow dry.  Faster anyway.

Saturday evening I had an old friend over for dinner.  He is an incredible guy.  He was my high school anthropology teacher and he just turned 70 on Friday and he is crazy in love!  It  never goes away, obviously.  He's giddy as a school girl and a joy to be around.  He had a lovely evening catching up.

There was no Husky football on Saturday so I had to get my entire football fix on Sunday.  I did have a fare amount of running around to do but managed to see the Seahawks beat the Giants, which was amazing!  I also had a delicious little nap in the afternoon when the laundry was finished.  And, as I had planned, I got a good bit of knitting done.  I found a way to justify starting some new projects.  I need gifts to bring with me on my trip.  So to that end I started a gorgeous mohair cowl with some left over lace weight mohair in two colors.  It is just beautiful and soft.  I'm thinking of making some eyelets and threading velvet ribbon through at intervals.  It would be very feminine and useful at the same time.  Just a thought.

Hooray, I have found a housesitter who is also willing to take care of Tinkerbell while I'm gone on my trip!  That is huge news and I can hardly believe my luck.  I have one more thing to check off my list -- I'm going to get a flu shot next Monday.  I'm not taking any chances getting sick either before or during..  I know I can't protect myself against everything, but I'll be safe from the flu at least.

And now to start this horrid week.  I am still smarting from that drama last week.  I wish I could forget it but since it concerns the course that is just starting it's difficult.  Today shouldn't be too bad though - I proctor an exam at 12:30 and have a party with the students at 5:30.  Tink is in the car, since she can't be left at home inside for all those hours so I have a reason to take a couple of breaks outside and give her some walks. 

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