03 October, 2011

Oooo! I'm just so mad!!

While I was gone this weekend the maintenance staff were supposed to take another  look at that big wet spot in my dining room and and spot on the ceiling of my bedroom and take care of it, or at least diagnose it.  When I got home there was a note from them in the door - a form they leave whenever they visit your apartment when you're not home.  And on the bottom they wrote that the spot was dog urine and I should make an appointment with the office to have it cleaned!!!  Dog urine??!!  That is just so stupid that I can hardly believe it.  First of all, Tink is WAY too small to be able to create that much urine.  And *if* it were urine don't you think it would smell?  If that huge spot had been all urine my apartment would reek!  Oh ... I am just sputtering mad.  The office was closed yesterday so I couldn't speak to anyone about it so I'll have to address it when I get home.  I hope I'm more calmed down than I am now.  Every time I think about it I just start steaming.

I didn't come home angry yesterday.  I was all relaxed after a nice weekend eating good food and laughing and walking in the woods.  Kate only spent Friday night and she left on Saturday after lunch.  John's lovely daughter came up on Saturday and she was great company.  She brought her knitting and I was kicking myself for having forgotten mine.  It's very cozy sitting in front of a fire and knitting with someone.  I know -- sounds geeky, but it's nice.

Before Kate left on Saturday we went way up into the hills behind and across the street from the "cabin" and the water to search for mushrooms.  We found tons of chanterelle mushrooms and cooked some of them up with garlic and butter for lunch.  Oh ... it was heavenly.  I made a yummy curried chicken with peppers and mangoes and for dessert a fresh peach cobbler.  Tink had a bad night Saturday with a stomach upset so I was up quite a few times walking her around the garden while she ate grass and watercress and who knows what else.  She was fine on Sunday but I was groggy.

Three weeks until the Dawg  Dash so today I've got to start training in earnest.  And it's going to be a huge week so I'd better get on it.

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