04 February, 2013

Another cute hat

I've been on a roll -- I finished another project. This time a hat.  Because I had left over re-claimed Kureyon, now that the Argosy Wrap is finished, I looked for a hat to make and found Phoncible, which totally fit the bill.   I cast on for it Friday evening and by the third quarter of the Super Bowl I had it finished.  It is SO cute and I actually wore it to walk Tink last night.  I rarely wear knitted ski or watch caps, but if the hat is more like a beret I do indeed wear them.  This is floppy beret-type hat and nice and warm.  I am sorely tempted to pop up to Weaving Works at lunchtime today to purchase another ball of Kureyon and get another one on the needles.  I know I have enough of one colorway but I need a contrasting one.  Maybe this time something a bit brighter than the shades in my first version.  It is perfect TV knitting.  Or, as was the case with me, hanging out and drinking and chatting knitting. 

Of course I should be running today, since I've got a race this coming weekend, but one thing led to another and I didn't get my running clothes laundered so .. I'll take a nice brisk walk and call it good.  I know this is going to be a slow race.  I'll have fun and that's all that counts. 

The Super Bowl was a close game, which is always nice.  The bad part was that the power went out during the game, right after half time, so that added more than 30 minutes onto it.  I was just fried by the time I got home and there was absolutely no way I was going to do laundry.  I barely made it through a shower before I crashed.  Tink was wiped out as well.  There was another dog at the party.  She is small - I can't remember what kind but maybe Pomeranian - and she tolerates Tink.  She won't play, but neither does she attack.  Although she did get a little put out when she found Tinkerbell playing with one of her toys.  Tink was happy getting everyone to scratch her belly. 

I noticed this weekend that it is noticeably lighter around 5 o'clock now.  IF it's clear, which it was Friday evening.  February and March are always such hard months for me.  Plod on.

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