27 February, 2013

Chaos plus

I worked from home yesterday amid the chaos.  I had a problem with my fridge and in case they had to switch it out, I had to be there.  The good news is that they did NOT have to move it, but I did lose some stuff in the freezer. 

It was kind of difficult to get much done in that mess, but I managed to keep my head above water and also to slowly get things in order.  The bookcases weren't too tough to put together and I managed to get all three done and by bedtime things were mostly in place.  Tonight I have to hang the rest of my pictures and then it is just the closet I need to deal with.  Despite my best efforts I still have things that need to be stored rather than in the top of my closet taking up valuable space that I could (and would) use for clothes and storing seasonal wardrobes.  So to that end I stopped in at the office to find out the situation regarding storage units there in the building.  The least expensive storage unit is $55 for 17 sq ft.  Ah.  That's maybe the size of a closet.  That is way too much money for that little bit of space.  So now Plan B - find a friend with a house who has a little bit of storage space they're willing to let me use. 

Tuesday  night I did a few rows and again last night a few more on the Bamboo Socks.  Oh I am still really loving this yarn!  So soft!  And now that I have been able to unpack my stored yarn I am chomping at the bit to start a real project.  Meaning something I can wear other than a scarf or hat.  I rediscovered the silver grey yarn I bought for a hoodie and the lovely blue grey I bought for a cute Henley type shirt.  I would like to do the hoodie but I'm not sure about the particular pattern I had originally thought of doing.  I am going to double check the yardage I have and maybe find another pattern.  The one I had bookmarked is actually a pull over and I would like a cardigan hoodie.  It shouldn't be too difficult to find a pattern for that.

Noon knitting today and good thing too because I am still sore from the move Saturday and moving and building furniture Sunday and last night.  My run on Monday wasn't great but I think I will have a good one tomorrow.

It is warming up.  It's going to be nearly 60 this week.  And I noticed this morning that it is light - much lighter.  I guess I haven't really noticed how much lighter since it's been so cloudy lately.  Oh but spring is in the air!!

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