06 February, 2013

He went the wrong way!

This has never happened to me before - of course I haven't been riding the bus to work for that long - the driver took a wrong turn!  Or rather, did not turn at all when he should have.  It took him nearly 10 minutes to get turned around and back on track.  Crazy.

I had a most disappointing and terrible run yesterday at lunch.  I don't know why, except I wasn't feeling 100%, with a sinus headache.  I can't run today so I've only got two more days to get it together, because Saturday is the race.  I left work early and went home and had a nice sleep.  I will count on good training sessions Thursday and Friday.

I've downloaded a new audiobook and I am hoping it'll help my state of mind - my February state of mind.  I have GOT to nail down a vacation sometime soon.  I need something to plan for, something with a large sunshine and warmth component.

Noon knitting today and I've brought in three things to show - my completed chunky cowl, the Argosy Wrap and my first Phoncible.  I did a little more on the second one last night and brought that in to work on.

Oh dear -- I've got a meeting soon and I need some food.

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