01 February, 2013


Oh it is done!  I finally finished that Argosy Wrap.  I have no pictures today though because I do want to block it.  As it is, unblocked, it's 90 inches long, so I'm not going to be trying for any more length, but rather pinning out the edges.  Will I use it?  Maybe.  It's striking, that's for sure.  But I wouldn't call it pretty actually.  As for my next project -- still up in the air, although now that I have all that recaptured Kureyon I may do a little slouchy hat if I can find the pattern again.

For the first time last night I was having trouble with noise.  I am harboring no illusions that it's going to be quiet once the weather changes and people are able to sit outside in the plaza.  I know I'm going to get some good ear plugs at that point and I don't expect it to be too troublesome until the weekend.  But last night people were coming out of the theatre, late, and it sounded like a group of them stood in the cover of the theatre and talked and laughed for about an hour.  I could be misremembering because I was awakened twice so maybe it wasn't the same group of people.  I know I woke at 11 and again at 12:30.  I can't imagine a movie getting out that late though ... hmmm .. I'm going to do a little more checking on that.  But I was not happy.  And that's with only one little window open.  When it gets warmer I'm going to have to open the larger floor to ceiling window.  I don't call it a door because it opened onto a Juliet balcony, which is no balcony at all, but gives the appearance from the street.  It will, however, get me some much needed fresh air in the warmer weather.

This has been a busy busy week and I'm certainly ready for the weekend.  Super Bowl party on Sunday should be fun.  And I'm helping a friend with a huge remodel, so Saturday will be spent, part of the day, freely giving my opinions.  That's always fun, isn't it?  Well, rarely do I get paid for them.

I had a nice run yesterday, strong and much faster than Tuesday.  I am looking forward to another one today.  The rain has gone and I saw some blue sky.  Fingers crossed - it looks like we have skipped winter, at least down here for now.  It's quite mild today.  The mountains have been getting lots and lots of snow.  That's where it belongs.

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