25 February, 2013

Living in chaos again!

Zoom!  There went the weekend!  Friday I went right to the mall to get my nails done because I had too much to do before the party on Saturday evening.  But one thing led to another and I ended up stopping by a party at the apartment complex.  So 7 o'clock Saturday morning was NOT a fun time to be up and around.

I had to help with this move, since I had been helped by this same gang so off I went to tote and generally be miserable.  Ah, but I did it with a smile.  And really it wasn't so bad at all.  I got home with time to have an hour lay down before I had to clean out the two wall units that were being picked up.  That was easy but now every surface in the place is covered with things that were in the wall units.  Those things include yarn and needles and books and magazines and all my pretty bowls and little arty things that can't be hung.  Big mess.

Saturday night was the fun silent auction event, which wasn't quite so fun as the one last year.  Last year the food was set out in a buffet and it was all finger food.  This year they had waiters circulating with things that mostly had to be eaten with a spoon or fork!  Very awkward.  And I couldn't get close to the blackjack table, where I cleaned up last year.  But it was pleasant and I got to chat with some friends and drink some nice wine and I got an autographed Seahawks hat, which I sorely need because my running hat is a mess.  It was good.

I found someone to take my dresser - it went to the new house I had moved my friend into on Saturday.  So that further messed up my place because all the clothes in that dresser had to be taken out, obviously.  Where to put them?  On the bed of course.  Then it was off to Ikea [Oh, someday I would love to be able to purchase furniture that I don't have to put together].  I got a new chest of drawers, new wall unit and TV stand and three tall narrow bookcases.  The chest of drawers and the wall unit and TV stand were finally finished up by 7 last night.  The bookcases I will start on tonight.  Oh but it is lovely to be able to actually move around in that bedroom!  Little by little this week I will be able to get things put away and the rest of my art hung.  And THEN the place will be perfect.  But for the next few days - chaos reigns.

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