05 February, 2013

Right on schedule

The February blues.  There is a reason I always ... almost always ... plan a vacation for March or April, and that's the February blues.  Yesterday it descended with a vengeance.  Not helped in the least by the music I was listening to, which can kick you in gut as surely as a scent.  I finished my audiobook and haven't yet downloaded a new one.  So yes, I'm trying to keep my music as neutral as I can and I'll get a new book on my iPhone soon. 

Work is busy and we're shorthanded.  Since I've moved into an office in the main office suite I am called upon to do a few housekeeping things when we're shorthanded.  No disasters so far, thank goodness.  People are aware of my lack of familiarity with these things and give me simple commands - "turn off the coffee maker in the break room" - like that.  I can do that! 

I washed the Argosy Wrap last night and brought out my mats to block it on, but it's too long to have them two abreast and it flops over the sides with just one block, but that's what I had to do.  So I'm not pinning out the ends but it's drying just fine so I think it'll look good when it's dry.  I also walked up to get another skein of Kureyon and started another hat last night.  I only got a couple of rows in because of phone calls and dog walks and dinner.  I can work on it more tonight.  It's great TV knitting.

I had an early meeting this morning and another meeting tomorrow after the monthly curriculum meeting, all starting the planning for Anatomy, which starts September 2nd this year.  I know -- 7  months in advance -- but it's that complicated, getting the schedule set and everyone on the same page.  Plus we're making changes this year.  Wheeee ....

I feel like I have a bag over my head.  We need sunshine.  I need sunshine.

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