28 February, 2013

Oh that dog!

Tink had one of those nights last night and I feel like I didn't sleep more than an hour at a stretch the entire night.  First she wanted on the bed.  Then off the bed.  Then on the bed.  Then off.  Then she whined to get back on and when I reached for her she shimmied under the bed.  And on and on it went.  This is unusual for her and I don't know exactly why she did it, except that it was exceptionally noisy outside last night as well.  Loud trucks late at night.  Horns honking at 1:30 am.  Kids skateboarding!  All unusual.  No - it's not a full moon either. And it's not getting any better here at work.  Two people out in my office suite - the ones who take care of accepting packages and doing the mail - all those things I don't do.  Plus the fire alarms in my office and in the hall are making a weird noise due to some sort of test.  I have been here all of ten minutes and I'm about to scream!  I am not in a good mood.  Maybe my run will give me some well needed endorphins.  I might need to go out earlier than noon!

I had a fairly productive evening last night working on the socks.  I think I'm about half way through the leg.  I should measure tonight before I go much further.  I decided that I want to use that gorgeous Debbie Bliss Fez yarn to make the Mariah hoodie from Knitty.   I'm not sure yet if I want to do the zipper.  I think I do.  I don't have much luck with button holes and the zipper gives it a nice finished look.  I'll just have to borrow someone's sewing machine since I had to give mine away when I moved.  It was clunky anyway.  I'd like a new light one but seriously, I so rarely sew that it's not a necessity.

Rain today but it's still nice and mild.  I hope it holds off for my run.  I don't want to take my brand new autographed Seahawks hat out into the rain!  I kept my old one here for that event.  As long as it's sprinkling I'll go out.  Pouring.  Nope.  I do need to find another race to have on the horizon.  I can't do the St. Paddy's Day Dash this year and I'm quite disappointed.  But I have volunteered to host a surprise birthday party on the 16th in my great room and I know that I will be in no shape to run four miles the next morning after that party.  So I need to find one in April.  Or May.  I'll look today.

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