21 February, 2013

No willpower.

None at all, when it comes to starting a new project.  Tuesday afternoon was lovely and I decided I wanted to start a new pair of socks that evening, so I walked up to my LYS for some yarn.  I found the yummiest sock yarn ever!  It's plain - I didn't want a pattern - superwash merino with angora by Regia!  It is just gorgeous!  It's washable, but of course you can't put it in the dryer because of the angora content.  But who cares?  I never ever ever handwash my handknit socks and I have learned that most of them don't fare well in the dryer, so it's not a big deal to separate them out from the wet clothes and let them dry.  I found a pattern on Ravelry for relatively plain socks called Bamboo Socks by Lorraine Ehrlinger.  What I love about them is the leg, which is ribbed, but there are purl lines every few rows which mimic bamboo shoots.  So it keeps the leg, which is the most boring part, interesting but not too complicated for TV knitting.  And seriously I could never understand the intricate lace things that people get into with their socks.  Who the heck is going to notice?  It was difficult starting out because the yarn is rather slick and I have Addi circulars.  Metal needles and slick yarn make for a difficult start.  But I got it finally and last night nearly finished the first 20 row repeat.  These are going to be super soft and gorgeous socks.

I have decided that this is the weekend I'm going to get the new wall units and get my apartment, if not finished, then nearly so.  I do have a fancy party Saturday night, but I'll have Sunday to sleep in and then off to get the new stuff.  It will take me a while to get it together but hopefully I can get the current wall units out on Saturday or maybe even Friday night.  It's going to be messy for a few days but oh so nice when it's all done and I can move about in my teensie bedroom at least a little bit.

I'm going to run today.  I haven't been out for at least a week.  Let's hope the rain holds off.  I was going to sign up for the St. Paddy's Day Dash this year because our apartment complex is putting together a team and it would be lots of fun.  However, I have volunteered my great room for a surprise birthday party on March 16th, the day before the run.  I certainly will not want to get up early and run 4 miles - the St. Paddy's Day Dash is not a 5K.  So no matter.  I can find another run to sign up for in April, maybe after my little holiday.

Tuesday I left my iPad at work!  That is the first time I have done that since I got it and I was so mad at myself.  The positive side of that is that I actually started a book!  Of the four (yes 4!) new books I have laying around since Christmas, and perhaps earlier, I finally picked one up and of course, read far too late.  I didn't forget it last night though.  I don't suppose I shall do it again either.  That's the first time I keenly felt the lack of a car because if I had a car I would have driven back to work and fetched it.  I lived.  But lesson learned.

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