08 February, 2013

Tried and true

The cure for the February blues?  A plan.  That's right - a plan!  It came to me yesterday.  It was sunny and cold and I had quite a decent run, so I know the race tomorrow won't be a total bust. I won't be breaking any records, but it should be fun.  Anyway a good run and sunshine always brighten my spirits and that's when I realized that all I need to get myself through the rest of this winter is a plan.  I'm thinking an 8 week plan with a little holiday at the end of it.   That's a short enough time to keep me engaged, a long enough time to get rid of my winter flab and get back into my nice jeans, and then spring will be in the air! Yay!  I'll put a few more details together maybe this afternoon while I'm copying an exam - something to help me through that mind numbing process.  And definitely this weekend.  By Monday I should be ready to book some hotels.  I am thinking about a road trip to Oregon for some wine tasting with maybe a stop on the coast for a night or two.  It sounds weird, but Oregon wineries are awesome!  And it is extremely beautiful there in the hills.  It reminds me of France in Burgundy, which is the same latitude I believe.  Is it Burgundy?  Or .. well, anyway it's a fun trip and there are some quite good restaurants down there as well.  So - something to dream about and plan about and get me through this darkness of body and spirit. 

I wish I could figure out what it is that causes Tinkerbell to have a restless night.  The thing is that she has a routine that is practically carved in stone.  She has her inner clock and at 7 o'clock she lets me know it's time to go outside and at 8 or 8:30 she wants to be in bed.  Even if I'm just quietly reading or knitting she wants to be ON the bed, not laying next to me on the couch.  Then most nights she'll sleep just fine.  But last night she was on and off the bed at least 3 times, maybe four.  And that, my friends, makes for a very bad night for me.  I am so groggy.  I've got to get a good night's rest tonight so maybe I'll make her play ball for a little longer and make sure she's good and tired. 

I finished the band and started on the body of the hat last night, changing to size 8 needles rather than size 7.  It seems to be making a difference and I think this one will definitely be floppier, which is what we're going for.  Then I think I might pick up one of my unfinished projects and do some finishing.  No, really!  I have two projects that come to mind.  One I have all the pieces made and it just needs to be sewn together - a little top that I think would be good for these temperatures.  Then there's the Cloisonne jacket, which I only  need to finish the facing and sew in on.  Probably an hour's work.  Yes.  I will finish one or the other.

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