19 February, 2013

I can't play darts

Saturday evening I met up with some friends for happy hour and snacks.  The party continued and we all ended up playing darts.  But I don't play.  I hadn't in years and years and I never was any good anyway.  Needless to say I was not an asset to any team.  I think ... I think I may have gotten one number.  And we played two rounds!  As the evening went on and the alcohol consumption continued I got even worse, if that's possible.  I do remember hitting the wall with two out of my last three throws. 

It was a holiday weekend and I had taken Friday off anyway so I had a nice long break.  Friday my friend Robert and his new lady friend came over to give me a present he had gotten in India - a beautiful pink silk scarf.  I gave them bowls of my yummy potato leek soup and it was a big hit.  And then off they went.  I had no idea he had a new girlfriend.  Good for him.  He deserves it.  And he's taking her to Venice in a few months.  Lucky lady.

My apartment is still coming together - slowly slowly.  And no I haven't yet been able to get rid of the old wall units and dresser and that will be the final piece.  But I had a brainstorm and carried it out Friday night and I am SO happy with the result.  I had realized that putting my desk facing out was blocking the main source of fresh air, which is the sliding floor to ceiling window.  I had first thought that having my desk there would be awesome for working from home, but I don't do it enough.  The weather has been unseasonably warm - in the 50s - and the small window in the living area is not giving me the air movement I desire.  So I emptied the baker's rack and put the cook books on a different shelf I was saving for the books in the bedroom and got rid of it.  Then I moved the desk on that wall and put the little dining table in the space vacated by my desk.  Now it is much lighter, I can get to the windows more easily and open it a lot or a little.  It does make a huge difference in the amount of fresh air in the sleeping area.  I'm happy.  I am hoping by the end of this month I can have the other pieces in place and I can finally get the last few pieces of my art up and I'll have a little wiggle room in the sleeping area.  That will be super. 

I very much want to start a new knitting project and I just can't decide what to do!  I know I have a couple of projects ready in the cupboard.  I remember a cute Henley type T-shirt.  Hmm ... maybe I'll take a look at that tonight.  If memory serves I bought really yummy yarn for that.  And seriously, the weather is really getting warmer and I can see the buds on the trees and shrubs.  It looks like we're going straight into spring without any snow to speak of this winter.  So a short sleeved project would be perfect!

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