11 February, 2013


That's the sound my weekend made.  Talk about jam packed.  I am still spinning.  Of course, I forgot to set my alarm so I've been running since 6:45, but that's another story.

Friday was a relatively quiet evening because Saturday (not Sunday, as it usually is) was race day.  This is the first time I've taken the bus to a race from this apartment and I cut it pretty darned close, I must admit.  But on the positive side, at least I wasn't standing around getting cold waiting for the start.  I got there, found my place and away we went.  I had forgotten to take in a little extra hydration at breakfast and since I got to the race late I didn't have time for my usual stretches so I got a cramp up the back of my left leg into my glut.  Ouch.  But I kept going and I did better than I thought I was going to.  Lately I've been right in the middle or lower of my age division, but this time I was higher - 19 out of 49.  That's decent. 

I wanted to get my nails done but after lunch I went to the salon and they were too busy for me so I had to skip it.  I got to have a 20 minute snooze and then I had to leave to Cirque du Soleil's Amaluna.  It was really something.  All except the clowns.  I don't like circus clowns and I particularly don't care for the European style clowning that they do.  Otherwise it was a spectacle.  Beautiful and entertaining. 

The Ballard Farmer's Market stays open all year 'round, so since it was beautiful and sunny on Sunday, that was my destination.  Met up with some friends and did a twice around all the stalls.  By the end of the first trip around I was carrying a bag that looked like the stereotypical Hollywood market bag - baguette and flowers sticking out of the top of it.  I bought some tulips and some incredible lamb ravioli and .. oh just tons of stuff.  Leeks for soup and mushrooms, cheese - although the guy who sold that wonderful aged goat cheese wasn't there and I was looking forward to that. 

I did finally get my nails done Sunday early afternoon and then enjoyed a nice long lunch.  A nap would have been nice but it was getting late so I finally took advantage of the free movie passes I get each month and went to see "Identify Theft".  It was cute.  Light fare.  Nothing to strain the brain. 

I cooked up that lamb ravioli and braised some green I got, but I did something wrong and they didn't taste nearly so nice as the last time I did it.  And then I got my relaxing time.  An hour or so watching stupid TV and knitting on my hat.  This is much more colorful than the last and I am really happy with the floppiness of the crown.

I woke up with a sore throat on Sunday.  Still fighting it.  I took Nyquil last night and slept decently.  Maybe I will be able to hold it off again.

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