07 March, 2013

A clean start

I brought my Mariah sleeves to noon knitting yesterday.  Peggy had fixed the twisted stitches but after taking another look we all realized that the problem ran a little deeper.  As in four rows down deeper.  Monika spent nearly the full 60 minutes trying to fix it and she came pretty close but at the end of the hour we all decided that I must take out those four rows and start fresh.  So when I got home I sat down and, using a second needle, tinked back four rows and re-knit them and then finally put it back on the circular needle with the other sleeve.  I am actually very happy that I took the time to do that.  They're now both perfect.  I suspect that if the mistake had been further up the sleeve and not really noticeable unless closely inspected that I would have let it go.  But as it was, it was at the very start of the intricate and beautiful Celtic Knot pattern on the sleeve and it would have been just too obvious.  Now I am happy.  I don't think I'll get to touch it tonight since my friend McG is picking  me up from work.  But hopefully I can carve out some quiet time tomorrow and through the weekend to make some progress.  The sleeves are the hardest part of this project and I always do the sleeves first, so after they are done it will be fast work to finish it up.

It was quiet last night, mostly because it was pouring rain.  I did get a good sleep finally.  I wanted to read but because of the rotten night I had Tuesday I just dropped right off.  And for that I am thankful.  Maybe I'll have a strong run today?  Fingers crossed. That beautiful sunshine we had Monday has been gone since.  At least it's mild.  I am sure hoping it holds off and doesn't start pouring.  As it is, it's just misting and I don't mind that.  And now I've got this new hat - although it's autographed and I don't think I want to take it out in the rain!  I have my old one here.  That's what I'll use if it's raining and the new one if it's just misting. 

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