05 March, 2013

A day of sunshine

Yesterday was just absolutely wonderful!  A nice sunny day and everyone smiling.  It wasn't warm but it wasn't freezing cold either.  Crazy Seattle - as soon as the sun appears people strip down like it's the tropics.  We're back to the clouds today but we have more sunny days coming this week.  And then Saturday we turn the clocks.  I don't mind that it'll be a bit darker in the morning.  I am like a vampire when it comes to light in the morning.  Ick.  That's why I love hotels with blackout blinds.  Perfect.

I had a nice solid run yesterday.  Still don't have a race in the works but that's okay.  When I'm counting calories I get a bit slower than normal so sometimes it's just a victory to finish my 30 minutes.  I might consider doing the May race at Volunteer Park.  It's a Cinco de Mayo themed race and I believe there will be a bunch of taco trucks at the end of the race.  Although it's like the new crazy of having a beer garden at these 5K races -- who feels like drinking beer at 10 in the morning after running for 30+ minutes?  Would I really feel like eating a taco in the morning?  Probably not.  But it could be fun all the same.  Costumes are encouraged.

Maybe it was the sunshine yesterday, but I did indeed feel energized and took care of a few things that had been marinating -- made doctor appointments, balanced the check book, etc.  I wanted to work on my Mariah last night and took another look at those four stitches when I got home, but I still couldn't figure out how to fix them so I brought it with me and Peggy promised to take a look.  She's going to take one look at it and know exactly what to do.  I am sure I learned a long time ago how to fix this particular little glitch but I can't remember and I don't want to mess things up and have to start over.  It is nearly impossible (for me anyway) to rip back cable work.  A bunch of plain stockinette -- no problem.  But even if it's ribbed it's a challenge.  And then there are people like Peggy and Monika who can look at the work and just know how to read it and how to rip back successfully.  It's a gift that I don't possess. 

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