13 March, 2013

Against the wind

I had a decent run on Monday and was very much looking forward to my run yesterday.  It was not an easy one.  It was quite breezy and I've changed my route because of the construction that causes a detour on my regular route.  My second choice route is my older route that goes down past the stadium to 25th, then back up.  And while it's only a 5% grade it's not flat and when the wind if blowing in your face, it's not fun either!  I did okay but I'm grateful for the day off today.

I have finished picking up all of the gusset stitches on the Bamboo socks and now am just working on the foot portion.  Maybe I can finish them up this weekend.  Nope - that's to ambitious.  I'll shoot for next week.  And in the meantime I brought my Mariah sleeves in for noon knitting.  I haven't touched them since Saturday so I'm looking forward to a few rows at noon.  I should measure too so I can be ready for six inches and the increases.  I was going to snap a picture but there's really not much to show yet.  I'll wait for another 10 rows and then shoot one.

I had a nice quiet evening last night and went to bed to read.  I've been reading a book rather than reading off of my iPad and it's a nice change.  Plus I have heard - I don't quite believe it yet - but I've heard that the blue light from one's iPad or iPhone causes sleeplessness.  In fact I get just as drowsy when I read on my device as I do from paper and it didn't seem to make any difference last night.  I was sleepless!  I read and read until my eyes wouldn't stay open and then tried to sleep.  No go.  Turned the light on and read some more around midnight, but I was still awake at 1 and got up again at 2:30.  I don't feel too bad this morning, thankfully.  I sure hope I get a good night tonight.

My knitting friends reminded me last week that I hadn't yet set a date for our April knitting party - either ripping out a project or doing finishing work.  That's my errand when I get home tonight.  I'll stop by the office and find out if there's a Saturday in April we can use the Great Room.  I will shoot for the 3rd or 4th Saturday.  Maybe I can get the Cloisonne Jacket finished?  That would be awesome!

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