04 March, 2013

Almost perfect

Well it has taken some time.  I moved in December 15 and this Sunday I finally felt like I had everything just how I want it, with the exception of a few pictures that I need help hanging.  That I can get next weekend.  The storage unit was a key piece, along with getting rid of the old wooden wall units and large dresser.   Saturday was busy with running around doing errands and getting my hair done.  But Sunday I dedicated to finishing up moving a few more things to the storage closet, rearranging things, and I am pretty darned happy with the results.  I'd say I'm at 99%.  When the final pictures get hung I will be most happy.

It was a glorious and sunny day Sunday.  Tink let me sleep in, partly because I walked her late on Saturday.  After a terrible night Friday, due to another late night drunken session out in the courtyard by rowdy tenants, I was ready to sleep Saturday and it was great!  We walked over to the Starbucks at the mall, which I didn't know was open before the mall until I thought to check.  It opens at 8:30 and that's early enough for me on a Sunday.  After a nice leisurely walk and breakfast I dug in to my chores.  I was all done, even giving Tink another walk in the sunshine, before 1 o'clock.  Then I sat down and got to work starting the Mariah.  This is a difficult pattern.  In the sleeves at one point you are working from two different charts AND keeping track of increase and decrease rows for the raglan!  I got the cuffs done and started in on the Celtic knot cable pattern which is the central panel on each of the sleeves.  The background is reverse stockinette and I found that I had made a mistake in the second setup row, knitting when I should have purled ... or purling when I should have knit.  It's only 4 or five stitches but they are down a row and I don't know how to reverse engineer that mistake.  I know someone who does, thankfully.  So I put it away before I could do any more damage and spent the rest of the evening working on the Bamboo Socks.  I'll bring the sleeves in tomorrow and see if my friend can fix it for me.  I don't relish taking them out and starting over.  That's definitely not my favorite thing.

It is cold and clear today and I must run.  I only ran once last week so I've got to get back into it.  Plus I need to find a race to shoot for since I am missing St. Paddy's Day Dash.  I looked Friday but nothing really caught my eye.  Something could turn up. 

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