15 March, 2013

Another banana check

I was feeling wild yesterday, so I switched up my breakfast and instead of having oatmeal and a banana I had oatmeal and berries.  And guess what?  I had a tough time of it on my run.  Yes, it was the uphill one, but still -- it was tougher than it should have been and that is because of the banana.  Today it's back to tried and true and hopefully I'll have a little easier time of it!  Of course, when I'm counting calories my energy isn't what it is ideally.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning, but I don't usually come to work with an empty tank.  I definitely need that little bit of extra energy the banana affords.

The socks got some quality time last night and the Mariah languished in the corner.  I was hoping to be able to carve out some time this weekend but right now it doesn't look likely.  Tomorrow I've got all sorts of errands in the morning, then picking up the last minute party items in the afternoon (cake, balloons).  Then I'm going to have to get ready and maybe I will have an hour if I try.  Sunday will be recuperating from the party and then I'd like to go to the Ballard Market, if it's not pouring rain.  And bam!  That's the weekend.  Even an hour would be nice.  I should make it a priority, yeah?

Still feeling wildly optimistic and happy.  It beats the heck out of NOT feeling happy, doesn't it? 

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