21 March, 2013

A splurge!

I don't buy as nearly as much yarn as I used to buy.  Partly because I don't have any room to store it!  I have a little room on my new skinny shelves in the bedroom (err ... I mean sleeping nook) and they are taken up with the best yarn that I could not bear to part with.  One of the packages is 10 skeins of Noro Cash Iroha that has been discontinued for oh so long.  But I love that yarn and every once in a while I will see some on a liquidation web site called DBNY.  They have become the place for yarn stores going out of business or personal stash (I mean HUGE stash) liquidations.   I see it there now and again and always want to buy it but either there aren't enough skeins to be worthwhile or I balk at the price.  However, yesterday I found 10 skeins of pink that looked like it was the same color as my other 10 balls, even if the dye lot isn't the same.  So I snatched it up!  I was originally thinking of using the first 10 balls to make another Hemlock Ring Blanket, but there's not quite enough.  Now I have enough and then some!  I can be a really big one.  I will just have to alternate rows with the different dye lots so it's not noticeable.  Well, this is a project that is down the road, especially since warmer weather is coming and I've already got a big project - the Mariah.  But if was a very satisfying purchase, all the more so since it's been ages since I've bought any quantity of yarn.

Warmer weather - I am speaking well in the future I am afraid.  The cold moved in yesterday on some pretty powerful gusts of wind.  I saw cars with snow on them in the park and ride lot this morning.  Oh my -- yesterday was the first day of spring and I missed it!!  Happy spring!  Well even though the trees and bushes are starting their show, it's still winter to me.

The Mariah got some good work done at noon knitting yesterday but nothing in the evening, not even the socks.  I was tired and retired early to watch some things on my iPad.  But as luck would have it, last night was one of the off nights for my wireless.  It's odd.  Sometimes it's seamless and I can watch whatever I want and it never stops.  Other times it's torture and I just gave up.  I read and bit and was asleep by 10, but that didn't last long.  Something woke me at 11:30 and I was awake off and on for hours, coughing and stuffed up.  I took some Nyquil but I wish I had taken it much earlier.  I am groggy today and coughing still.  I'll take a nice walk in the cold sunshine at lunch.  That should get me good and tired for tonight.  And hopefully the cough will be gone for good tomorrow.

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