14 March, 2013

Just once in a while

For no apparent reason I woke up today feeling awesome and brimming with optimism.  Happy, one might say.  Happy-go-lucky.  Spring is SO close, and the weather is mild.  I get to run today and it's not raining or blowing.  I am getting a new computer at work today - finally!  This one is excruciatingly slow at times.  The only thing that could make this day better is being Friday instead of Thursday.  Oh well.

I did some good work on my Mariah at noon knitting yesterday.  I am just so excited about this project!  I sure hope I don't get bogged down and not finish it.  I know -- just do it, right?  But how many projects have we all started, all gung  ho, and then had it ripen at the bottom of a basket for years, just needing one last button band (Cloisonne Jacket) or sewing together or whatever?  I think if I can do the body and fronts together that may help my cause.  Then the only stumbling block I can see is getting the zipper sewn in, since I don't have a sewing machine now.  But that is weeks and weeks away.  In the meantime I'll just concentrate on finishing the sleeves, yes?

My evening was eaten up by phone calls and doggie walks and dinner.  I got a few rows of the sock foot done, but frankly I was very tired from the bad night I had Tuesday so I retired early and read, then had a great sleep.  Except for the part when I woke up with a bad headache (I know -- again??).  But I drank down a couple of fizzy tablets and conked right out and woke up feeling -- well, awesome [see above]. 

 Fingers crossed the wind stays calm.  I'll have a good run today and I am already looking forward to it!

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