20 March, 2013

Straight to my chest

Saturday I hosted a surprise birthday party and it was a smashing success.  The birthday boy had no idea and was completely and utterly surprised.  My apartment Great Room is just the most wonderful party venue.  There's plenty of room for people to spread out, two TVs, a pool table and a full kitchen plus lots of comfy furniture and even a fire place.  And my own apartment stays nice and clean.  Perfect!  It wasn't a late one because you can only have the place for four hours, but that was plenty of time.  I was all cleaned up and back to my own place a little after 10.  I stayed up for a bit - oh, there was left over cake!

The next morning was not too wonderful though.  I woke up feeling terrible.  I thought it must be a hangover, even though I VERY rarely get one.  But I tried to rally.  It was a gorgeous day and I had planned on meeting friends at the Ballard Market.  I didn't feel any better, even after a shower and a stroll through the market so I thought a beer might do the trick.  Not.  I couldn't even finish it.  I did some shopping and then headed back home.  Tinkie needed a walk so I took Monika on a tour of the creek area and as we were strolling I realized that I felt like a cold was coming on.  Ah ha!  I wasn't hung over, I was sick!  And it was downhill from there.

Thankfully I had gotten a nice loaf of bread and gone shopping on Saturday so I was okay to just hunker down, which is what I did.  Sunday night wasn't so bad but Monday was awful!  I slept 90% of the day.  The cold went straight to my chest and I was coughing and very uncomfortable.  Of course this happens when I have tons of things that need to be done at work.  It couldn't have happened ... oh, I don't know maybe the last three weeks?  *sigh*  Anyway I'm here today and feeling better.  The cough is controlled.  I'm tired but what else is new? 

I don't suppose I will be running at all this week.  It is pouring rain but I can't breath anyway so it's not an issue.  Noon knitting is on for this lunchtime anyway.  I knew I was feeling better yesterday late afternoon because I wanted to knit and I did a couple rows on the Mariah.  Pictures soon. 

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