01 March, 2013

The best thing about March ..

No ... it's not St. Patrick's Day!  Although ...... no.  It's only ten more days until we get to turn the clock's forward!!  Hoorah!  Spring is on its way for sure.  One can see the buds on the shrubs and things like that, but it's the light that says it for me.  I have definitely noticed it being much lighter both morning and evening but I like it when it's lighter in the evening.  I tend to check out much too early when it's dark outside.

After finally getting my last pieces of old furniture out and the new and improved pieces in I found that there is still one area that drives me crazy and that's the closet.  Yes closet - singular - since there is only one closet in my apartment.  It's large - it's 10 feet long and regular depth - but it's not enough.  There's no way to switch out seasonal wardrobes for one thing.  And I have to wrestle my cleaning things in and out, which is just wrong.  So I asked about a small storage unit on Wednesday.  I thought the price was a bit steep so I went online yesterday to check out the other storage places nearby and found that the one at the apartment complex is in fact a deal.  So when I got home last night and got Tink walked I signed up for a storage unit and began shifting a few things down there.  I got all of the heavy boxes using their handy cart.  Next I am going to take my rolling clothing rack and load it up with cold weather things - most of them anyway  since winter seems to have skipped us this year - and then I will have a useful and handy closet.  I am very excited about this. 

That was basically my entire evening.  By the time I got done wrestling those loads upstairs to the storage closet I was more than ready for a nice shower.  I made some lovely pasta for dinner and Tink got another little walk and then it was time to go to bed to read.  I had a nice sleep, especially compared to Wednesday night.  Tink slept the entire night quietly. 

I would like to start my new project - the Mariah - this weekend.  I have decided that Sunday shall be a big chore day.  I can finally finally FINALLY get everything set up the way I want it this weekend!  My pictures will all be up.  I'll do a nice tidy up job and the new project will be my carrot.  I suspect the weather is going to be crappy all weekend.  It's March coming in like a lion.  So it will be a perfect weekend for chores.  I was realizing last weekend how much I miss football.  It was a way to make me relax on the weekend.  Now it's just go go go and I come into work on Monday craving a rest.  It'll be here soon enough and in the meantime there's spring and summer to look forward to.  And let's just make it through March.

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