11 March, 2013

Bye bye headache

Holy cow!  It took long enough.  That headache dogged me all Friday.  I finally left work around 11 because I was feeling sick from it.  I went home and took a couple of fizzy tablets and stretched out on the couch.  I think I fell asleep even.  Around 7 or so it finally disappeared. and, knock on wood, hasn't been back since.  Most likely it was the pressure change that caused it.  We had another lovely clear day on Saturday but it didn't come back and now we're back to our regular clouds and rain and I'm feeling perfectly fine.

After it left I did manage to get some good work done on the Mariah sleeves.  I am two rows away from completing the first cable section.  Next I do rows 13 through 50-something three times and at the same time, when I have done 6 inches of the sleeves, start the increases.  That will mean three separate counters to keep track of at the same time.  It's a nightmare and one must have their wits about them all the time.  It is going to be quite nice.  The Fez, wool and camel blend, is lovely to work with although tends to be a bit splitty.  

The sun Saturday was such a treat and it was even kind of warm outside!  Regular Saturday errands ate up much of the day, and Tink got some nice walks.  The Mariah is not TV knitting and I wanted to watch a movie Saturday night, so I switched over to the Bamboo socks.  I managed to finish the heel, turn it, pick up the gusset stitches and get a good bit of the gusset done over Saturday and Sunday.  Tonight I should be able to finish up the gusset and then all that's left is the foot!  Perfect TV knitting.  (Boy I miss football!)

Sunday I got the very last of my pictures hung and a couple more things taken up to the storage unit.  What a relief!  I do need to get one last thing.  I need a tall narrow mirror to use as a full length mirror.  The others that I have hung don't show my entire body and I really miss that.  You need to be able to see top to toe.  I was hanging back from buying one because I thought my white mirror would be able to do the trick, but it doesn't.  No matter.  I can get one this coming weekend and be done with it! 

I did find out that weekend are definitely going to be challenging during these warmer months.  Saturday I guess a new film opened up and there was a late showing, therefore there were people leaving the theatre later than normal PLUS a whole gang of them milling around waiting for the previous showing to be through so they could go into the theatre.  They were very very noisy.  I'll need fans just to blank out the noise.  Otherwise, it's perfectly quiet.  Small price to pay.

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